Campus Network Access

The IT Department maintains a sophisticated campus infrastructure with a fiber optic backbone. For students to access the internet from their dorm room, they must provide their own personal computer including a Wireless card. Students who need assistance logging onto the network may call ext. 271 or E-mail The IT Department will gladly assist students with any login or network connectivity issues, but cannot perform work on students’ personal computers.

Computer Lab

The IT Department supports and maintains the computer lab located in the McPherson Building as well as computers located in the library. The main computer lab (in LAC) is equipped with numerous computer systems. Each computer is connected to the SAGU AIC network and has internet and printer access. To use the computer lab, students must have obtained a user login from the IT Department.

IT supports a computer lab as well as classroom technology. We provide an open, all-access lab, as well as 12 computers located on the first floor of the library. Each computer is connected to the SAGU AIC network and has internet and printer access. To use the computers on campus, students must have obtained a user login from IT.

Computer Lab Hours

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: 8AM-12AM
Tuesday: 8AM-12AM
Wednesday: 8AM-12AM
Thursday: 8AM-12AM
Friday: 8AM-12AM
Saturday: CLOSED


Every student, faculty and staff will receive an SAGU AIC email address and login to the campus network. Faculty, Staff and students can check their email here.

Microsoft Office 365

SAGU AIC offers all of its currently enrolled students a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 for no additional cost! You can install and use Office 365 for as long as you maintain enrollment with SAGU AIC. All you need to do is click on the link below, and log in with your SAGU AIC email address, and your current password. This should be done on the Mac or PC that will receive the software.

Microsoft Office 365

Campus Phones

SAGU AIC uses Avaya (previously Meridian or Norstar) for our telecommunications. All full-time staff and faculty are provided with a phone and personal extension.

User's Manuals

Threerivers CAMS

Acceptable Use Policy

Network Do’s and Do-Not’s

  • We hope you enjoy our network services for academic research, personal communication, and fun!
  • Servers are not allowed on campus. This includes, but is not limited to: Web, FTP, Mail, Games, and file sharing.
  • Malicious activity will not be permitted on the SAGU AIC network. This includes spam, hacking, DoS attacks, etc.
  • Online gaming is allowed but may be limited due to the bandwidth guarantees for academic research. We will not optimize or maintain network connectivity for online gaming purposes. We reserve the right to limit any connection to the network at any time.
  • Distribution or sharing of copyrighted materials is not allowed. This includes all music and video files to which you do not own the copyright.

Contact Us

Robert Jones
Director of I.T. Services
(602) 525-0749

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