First-time Applicants

You will be notified by the Enrollment Office regarding the status of your application. If you have questions, please contact our enrollment office at 602-944-3335 x232. APPLY NOW

Transfer Students

In addition to other requirements you will need to submit transcripts from each college or university attended as well as your high school transcript.


Students seeking admission to American Indian College should be conscious of the mission of the College when making application. The prospective student is assessed according to academic background, moral character, and personal testimony of salvation as evidenced by a favorable pastoral recommendation. Prospective students must be high school graduates or possess a General Education Diploma (GED).


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SAGU American Indian College offers degrees in business, education, early childhood, general studies, interdisciplinary studies and church ministries on-campus. Or, you can choose an online degree through SAGU Online. Request information for personalized assistance in your college search. Apply today and we will walk you through your admissions process.

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AIC Undergraduate Programs

Degree Name
Bible & Ministry OCBibMin,bible,children,family,religion,religious,intercultural,pastoral leadership,theology,theological,youth,student,philosophy,general ministries,biblical studies,church ministries
Bible, A.A. OCBibMin
Church Leadership - Ministry, B.S. OCBibMin
Business OCBus,business,accounting,administration,human resource management,marketing,sport management,sports management,physical
Business Administration, B.S. OCBus
Business Administration, A.S. OCBus
Education OCEdu,mathematics,mathematics education,math education,music education,history,physical education,sports education,childhood,english,social studies,history,early childhood,elementary education
Early Childhood Education, A.A. OCEdu,education,early childhood
Elementary Education: ECE – Grade 8, B.A. OCEdu,education,elementary
General Studies  
General Studies, A.S. OCGen,general studies
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S. OCGen,interdisciplinary studies

SAGU Online Undergraduate Programs

Degree Name
Bible & Ministry OLBibMin,bible,children,family,religion,religious,intercultural,pastoral leadership,theology,theological,youth,student,philosophy,general ministries,biblical studies,church ministries
Bible, A.A. OLBibMin
Bible & Theology, B.S. OLBibMin
Biblical Studies, B.S. OLBibMin
Child & Family Studies, B.S. OLBibMin
Children & Family Ministries, B.S. OLBibMin
Church Ministries, A.A. OLBibMin
General Ministries, B.S. OLBibMin
Church Leadership - Ministry, B.S. OLBibMin
Intercultural Studies, B.S. OLBibMin
Intercultural Studies, A.A. OLBibMin
Pastoral Leadership, B.S. OLBibMin
Religion & Philosophy, B.S. OLBibMin
Religious Studies, A.A. OLBibMin
Theological Studies, B.S. OLBibMin
Youth & Student Ministries, B.S. OLBibMin
Business OLBus,business,administration,human resource management,marketing
Administration, B.S. OLBus,business
Administration, A.S. OLBus
Human Resource Management, B.S. OLBus,business
Management, B.S. OLBus,business
Marketing, B.S. OLBus,business
Counseling, Psychology & Human Services OLCounPsyHum,human services,psychology,criminal justice
Addictions Counseling, A.S. OLCounPsyHum
Counseling, B.S. OLCounPsyHum
Counseling with minor, B.S. OLCounPsyHum
Criminal Justice, B.S. OLCounPsyHum
Human Services - Counseling, B.S. OLCounPsyHum
Human Services - Criminal Justice, B.S. OLCounPsyHum
Human Services - Psychology, B.S. OLCounPsyHum
Human Services, A.S. OLCounPsyHum
Psychology, B.S. OLCounPsyHum
Psychology with minor, B.S. OLCounPsyHum
Psychology, A.S. OLCounPsyHum
Education OLEdu,history,childhood,english,social studies,history,early childhood,elementary education
Early Childhood Education, A.A. OLEdu,education
Education (pre-professional), B.S. OLEdu,non-certification
Education, A.A. OLEdu,education
Elementary Education, B.S. OLEdu,education,elementary
English Language Arts & Reading (Middle & Secondary), B.S. OLEdu,education,english language arts,reading
Social Studies/History Education (Middle & Secondary), B.S. OLEdu,education,social studies,history
English & Language Arts OLEngLangArts,english,language arts
English, B.S. OLEngLangArts,english
English, A.A. OLEngLangArts,english
TESOL, A.A. OLEngLangArts,tesol,teaching english as a second language
History & Social Studies OLHistSoc
Ancient Studies, B.S. OLHistSoc
History, B.S. OLHistSoc
Social Studies, A.A. OLHistSoc
Interdisciplinary Studies OLInterdisc
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S. OLInterdisc
Occupational Leadership OLOccupation
Occupational Leadership, B.S. OLOccupation

SAGU Harrison Graduate School Programs

Degree Name
Business HGSBus
Business Administration HGSBus
Counseling Psychology HGSCounPsy
Clinical Psychology HGSCounPsy
Counseling Psychology HGSCounPsy
Human Services Counseling (Non-Clinical) HGSCounPsy
Divinity HGSDivinity
Master of Divinity HGSDivinity
Specializations in: Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies, Counseling, Chaplaincy, Intercultural Studies, Family Ministry, Pastoral Theology, Theological Studies HGSDivinity
Education    HGSEdu,christian school administration,curriculum development,early childhood,elementary education,elementary education,educational leadership
Christian School Administration HGSEdu
Curriculum Development HGSEdu
Early Childhood & Elementary Education HGSEdu
Middle & Secondary Education HGSEdu
Educational Leadership (Thesis) HGSEdu
Educational Leadership (Non-thesis) HGSEdu
School Counseling HGSEdu
History HGSHistory
History (Thesis) HGSHistory
History (Non-thesis) HGSHistory
History (Education) HGSHistory
Organizational Leadership HGSOrgLead
Organizational Leadership HGSOrgLead
Practical Theology HGSTheology
Bible & Theology HGSTheology
Children & Family Ministry HGSTheology,practical theology
Intercultural Studies HGSTheology,practical theology
Practical Theology HGSTheology
Doctor of Ministry HGSDMin,leadership,creative communication
Leadership & Creative Communication HGSDMin