Name Position Email Address Phone Number
Robert Jones Director of I.T. Services [email protected] (602) 944-3335 x225
Karen Bramble Assistant to the President [email protected] (602) 943-1931
Savena Rodgers Admissions Counselor [email protected] (602) 944-3335 x232
Anthony Skeet Admissions Counselor [email protected] (602) 944-3335 x234
Robert Jones Facilities Engineer [email protected] (602) 944-3335 x225
Mazzie Villa Food Service Supervisor [email protected] (602) 944-3335 x261
Erica Zamorano Director of Institutional and Student Services [email protected] (602) 944-5730
Natalya De Luna Administrative Assistant [email protected] (602) 944-3335 x228
Nick Zamorano Director of Enrollment and Student Development [email protected] (602) 944-3335 x215
Paul LaBate Special Assistant to the President, Director of Athletics [email protected] (602) 944-3335 x253
Ryan Brown Men's Basketball Coach [email protected] (602) 944-3335
Bob Levardo Women's Volleyball Coach [email protected] (602) 944-3335
Tylon Wilson Women's Basketball Coach [email protected] (602) 944-3335