Phoenix, Arizona
Administrative Assistant
Salary Range: $11 to $13 an hour
Institutional Mission
SAGU AIC is our nation's only Christian college campus serving primarily Native American students. The administration, faculty, and staff of SAGU AIC are passionate about equipping a new generation of leaders. SAGU AIC is committed to the academic, professional, and spiritual development of every student. SAGU AIC is committed to the concept of education as "developmental growth," specifically spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical. Our mission is to equip Native Americans for Christian Service, emphasizing Biblical truths and academic excellence within a Christian Community. Our core values are: 1) The Bible is the inspired Word of God, 2) Our Pentecostal distinctives, 3) God has a plan for each student's life, 4) The dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each individual, and 5) Excellence, integrity, and servant hood.
Position Overview
The Administrative Assistant works to jointly assist the Administrative Dean of the College and the Director of Institutional and Student Services completing clerical work and organizing Financial Aid and HR documents/processes. Serves students and directly supports them in documentation for Financial Aid.
When assisting the Director of Institutional & Student Services:
  • Sending required financial aid documents to SAGU’s Financial Aid.
  • Sending required HR documents to SAGU’s HR department.
  • Archiving old HR Documents and Financial Aid documents from SAGU AIC.
  • Using Student Information Systems to check Student Financial Aid status.
  • Assisting Students in filling out their FAFSA and other necessary financial aid documents.
  • Clerical needs such as filing, typing letters, faxing, scanning and emailing all necessary documents.
  • Assist Student workers in hiring documents and keeping the list of student workers updated with any changes.
  • Assists in processing official transcripts for SAGU AIC (related to its previous identity as American Indian College) and assisting in upkeep of old academic files.
  • Completes other related tasks as needed.
When assisting the Administrative Dean of the College:
  • Assist in maintaining faculty files.
  • Assist with creating documents.
  • Distribution of mail and other items to the faculty in the Lee Academic Center (LAC) at SAGU AIC.
  • Assist with phone messages.
  • Record minutes for Faculty meetings and the Site Academic Advisory Team.
  • Clerical needs such as filing, typing letters, faxing, and scanning and emailing all necessary documents.
  • Inventory of supplies in the Work Room in the Lee Academic Center (LAC).
  • Lock up of the LAC building and classrooms at the end of the work day.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Organizational Relationships
Reports to Director of Institutional & Student Services and Dean of the College.
  • Faith, service, and lifestyle that meets University expectations (See IPM sections: “Statement of Core Values,” “Doctrinal Statement,” “Christian Standards,” “Lifestyle Standard.”)
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office and Office 365.
  • Typing and computer skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain confidences and to be discrete with sensitive information per FERPA guidelines.
Contact:  Erica Zamorano,
Application Process: Applications are available at Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Your resume may be included when submitting the application to the Human Resources Office. An online application is also available at
Fair Labor Standards Act
This position is not exempt from overtime.