We are happy to inform you that tutoring is available in order to assist you in your coursework here at AIC. The tutor’s available times and locations are listed below. These hours will be effective Monday February 16, 2015!

If you have any questions regarding tutoring please contact Mr. Matthew Ramm, Admin. Assistant to VP of Academic Affairs at mramm@sagu.edu.

  • Barbara Ivey, M.Ed.
    1 – 4 pm, Monday and Tuesday in LAC 115
    (Writing, Reading, Math)
  • Mary Jane Rubio, M.S.W.
    1 – 5 pm, Monday and Wednesday in the Library
    (Sociology, Psychology, Writing)
  • Matthew Ramm, M.Ed.
    Limited Hours, By Arrangement in LAC 115
    (Reading, Bible, Writing)
  • Deborah Ramm, M.L.S.
    Limited Hours, By Arrangement in the Library
    (Reading, Writing)
  • Karen Bramble, M.Ed.
    Limited Hours, By Arrangement in her office downstairs in Administration Building
    (Science, Math, Reading, Writing)
  • Laura Lea Sims, M.A.E.
    1 – 5 pm, Thursdays in LAC 115
    (History, Writing)