Online Programs

AIC offers a limited amount of courses in an online education format in order to better serve students whose personal schedule and/or geographical locale requires this. The online education that is presently offered by AIC is in a state of continuous development and additional information will be provided as new policies, procedures, and courses are developed. All students who wish to take some of their coursework in an online format should be aware of the following:
  • Students who wish to enroll in online courses must still be admitted to the College utilizing the same registration and online process as “ground” students.  They are further expected to comply with the same academic, social, and spiritual requirements expected of all other AIC degree-seeking students.
  • Online coursework taken at AIC may not comprise more than 49% of a student’s degree program.
  • Only students who are highly-motivated, self-directed, and successful at working independently should plan on enrolling in online courses.
  • Online courses will have a higher expectation of reading and completion of written assignments to offset the lack of in-class lecture and activities.   Students should not enroll in online courses unless they are aware of this and willing to invest the type of time required to succeed in this format of learning.
  • Those students who wish to be involved in online learning and reside outside reasonable commuting distance to the College should only enroll in online courses if they plan to eventually relocate in the Phoenix Metropolitan area since only a limited amount of online credits can be applied towards the student’s degree program.
  • Since there are only a limited amount of online courses available, students should only enroll in these courses when there is a compelling need to do so such as schedule conflicts with “ground classes” or when logistical concerns related to traveling distance exist.  The College’s priority will always be to assign students to “ground” classes when possible.
  • Students who wish to take online courses in a department other than their major will consult with and get the approval of their academic advisor who will consult with the department chair of the course(s) that they wish to take.
  • Students taking online courses may be required to demonstrate certain competencies such as writing skills, successful completion of any required prerequisites (with a grade of “C” grade or higher) or the completion of an online tutorial before being admitted to online courses.
  • Students wishing to take online coursework must ensure that they have a computer that meets the technological threshold necessary to do the online courses.  Those thresholds include (but are not limited to) high speed internet, and a computer that has sufficient memory and speed to handle the web-based materials.  It is the student’s individual responsibility to ensure that (s)he has a computer that can interface with the web-based curriculum.  Specific questions about system requirements should be addressed to the Director of Online Education at AIC.
  • Students enrolling in online courses will receive an initial email from the Director of Online Education containing all log-in information.  Students who are having difficulty accessing or working with any of the features of their online course(s) should immediately contact their instructors(s).
  • Any exceptions to these policies must be approved by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.