At American Indian College we are committed to the following institutional learning outcomes for all of our students:

Institutional Outcome #1

Communication: Students will communicate clearly, express themselves creatively, interpret thoughtfully and logically, and engage actively. Communication and expression may be written or oral, verbal or nonverbal, informational or artistic.

Institutional Outcome #2

Quantitative and Technological Competencies: Students will use quantitative analytical skills to evaluate and process numerical data. They will use computers and emerging technologies effectively.

Institutional Outcome #3

Information Literacy: Students will recognize when information is needed and locate, critically evaluate, synthesize, and communicate information in various formats. They will use appropriate resources and technologies while understanding the social, legal, and ethical issues for information and its use.

Institutional Outcome #4

Cultural Diversity, Social & Civic Responsibility: Students will recognize their role as local and national citizens. They will participate in a democratic process, respect social and cultural diversity, and appreciate the complexity of the physical world. Students will understand and appreciate differences in cultures and behaviors between oneself and others by demonstrating respect, honesty, fairness, and ethical principles in both personal and professional life.

Institutional Outcome #5

Personal Spiritual Development and Enrichment: Students will recognize the commitment to personal spiritual development, to the mission of the college, to a local church, and to the call of Christ in their chosen field.