Students will register for classes at the beginning of each semester. Dates for registration are indicated on the Academic Calendar in the front of the catalog. A late registration fee of $200.00 is assessed to students who are not present at the scheduled time for registration.

Academic Advising

AIC will provide as much help as possible in planning academic programs through the Registrar’s Office or through the student’s Academic Advisor (usually the department chair of the student’s major). However, each student is responsible for the proper completion of a program, and therefore should be familiar with the requirements in their major as listed in this catalog. The student should take the initiative in seeking academic advising from the Registrar or Academic Advisor. Each student is placed on a recommended Program of Study when he or she enrolls.

Course Selection

A course should not be taken whose number is more than one level above the student’s current classification. This means that a freshman student should not take courses beyond the two hundred level, and sophomores should not take courses beyond the three hundred level, etc.

Course Load

Students are limited to 16 credits per semester. Students wishing to take 17-19 credits must have signed permission from the Department Chair of their major. Students desiring to take in excess of 19 credits must file a written appeal to the Academic Affairs Committee (See Registrar for details).