All students carrying nine or more credits who are in their first semester at AIC are required to attend the Week One Orientation. This week of instruction, information, and fellowship takes place during the week before registration each semester. Any exception to this requirement must be approved by the Vice-President of Student Development.

Phase I – Pre-Arrival

Accepted students will receive a letter from the Vice-President of Student Development with relevant information and instructions to prepare them for arrival. Sections of the Student Handbook that could be useful (e.g. dorm life, dress code) will be enclosed, as well as contact information. The expected arrival time will be stressed, so that new students and their families will understand the importance of getting the best possible start.

Phase II – Week One

The Week One Orientation is designed to give the maximum amount of exposure and experience possible to the new AIC student, before classes begin. It should be clearly understood that Week One is the new student’s actual first week of college, and is not optional.

The content is built around three areas:
  1. CAMPUS ORIENTATION – Students will be assisted in finding their way around campus, as it is a new home for many, and a new workplace for all.
  2. COLLEGE ORIENTATION – Students will be guided through AIC policies and procedures as given in the Student Handbook, giving opportunity for questions and discussion, to enhance their understanding of community services and expectations. Members of our AIC faculty and staff will be a part of this as well.
  3. COMMUNITY ORIENTATION – Students will be introduced to the physical “neighborhood” of AIC and local resources.

In developing the orientation program and its content, the College combines what we know about the First Year Experience (FYE) in general, and about AIC students specifically, to give our students the best “quick start” possible on their college experience.