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As a result of completing the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, the student will:

  • Be able to discuss the art, science, history, trends, issues, philosophy and theories of education and formulate both a Christian worldview and a professional philosophy of learning and teaching.
  • Comprehend and apply general and content area matter in a balanced approach which is essential and complimentary for an educated person.
  • Organize curriculum according to state standards; plan and implement effective instruction, and assess learning resulting from best educational practices.
  • Create the learning environment and teaching climate appropriate for the development stages of children and youth and implement the appropriate educational strategies and techniques.
  • Be able to efficiently educate and manage a classroom in the public or private school sectors as a prepared educator who will serve in a variety of critical educational roles.

Students planning to teach in another state or a foreign country are advised to plan their teacher program of study according to the specific professional and educational requirements and guidelines of that jurisdiction for licensure, certification and endorsements.