The Education program of study at AIC emphasizes both Christian and professional maturation as well as excellence in teaching and learning in educational institutions and systems. Although the AIC Education Department offers only one degree – the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education – it offers this degree with two separate foci for the professional coursework.  One of the foci is predicated on the desire of the student to one day teach in an early childhood classroom, Birth to Grade 3.  The other foci is for those who desire to one day teach in elementary grades 1-8.  The program of study for each foci is designed to provide the academic preparation for future Arizona teachers.  Program graduates who wish to pursue Arizona teacher certification, or teacher certification for any other state, may do so after completing their Bachelor’s degree at AIC.   For further information regarding specific requirements for teacher certification in Arizona speak with the AIC department chairperson or consult the Arizona Department of Education website.  For information regarding teacher certification requirements for other states consult that state’s education office or government website.

Focus on Birth to Grade 3; 129 credits are required.

General Education: 42 credits
Core Requirements: 87 credits
Subject Matter Competency: 29 credits

Focus on Grades 1-8; 128 credits are required.

General Education: 42 credits
Core Requirements: 86 credits
Subject Matter Competency: 32 credits