Consumer Information

Consumer Information on College Navigator

The Department of Education is required to post 26 items on the College Navigator website for each institution, including a link to the institution's website that provides “in an easily accessible manner”

  • student activities offered by the institution;
  • services offered by the institution for individuals with disabilities;
  • career and placement services offered to students during and after enrollment;
  • policies of the institution related to transfer of credit from other institutions.

AIC on College Navigator Emergency Operations Response Plan

Important Contacts

Name Position Email Address Phone Number
Dr. David J. Moore President (602) 944-3335 x231
Dr. Joseph J. Saggio Vice President for Academic Affairs (602) 944-3335 x244
Rev. Robert Jimenez Coordinator of Student Life (602) 944-3335 x250
Erica Zamorano Student Records Coordinator (602) 944-3335 x239
Jeremy Bramble Director of I.T. Services/Website (602) 944-3335 x271