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A Memorable First Year For NYAC

17 October 2013
 October 17, 2013
Category: News, Student Life, Students

The inaugural year of the Native Young Adults Conference was a memorable one. In words of one of the Young adults leaders, “What a monumental time, to be able to witness the first year of this conference.” The significance of Young Adults gathering in one place, especially Native Young Adults, can be found in statistics gathered by the Barna Group (2011) that states, “…nearly three out of every five young Christians (59%) disconnect either permanently or for an extended from church life after age 15.” This indicates the significance of holding this conference that held about 70 participants from reservations across the southwest.

Reverend Eric Lee was the keynote speaker and delivered powerful messages on unbreakable dreams, and challenged the young adults to be change agents in Native Country and communities as a whole. There were also 4 breakout workshops by Vince Roubideaux, Jim Lopez, Rachael Valesquez, and Michelle Redhouse. During the workshop on, “How to Start a Young Adults Ministry,” Michelle Redhouse delivered some practical approaches to ministry. A powerful moment was witnessed when three young adults shared their journey starting a young adults ministry on their reservation and church. The leaders of these young adults groups were able to pray together, and encourage the process. At the culmination of the conference, attendees headed to a baseball game. It was a memorable time in Native Ministry to have a conference that specifically targets Native Young Adults. The conference was a success and created some excitement about Native Young Adults Ministry for the future.